Mourinho and Alcibiades

I have often been struck by the similarities between the graceful, lisping, robe-trailing, genius Alcibiades and Jose (“The Special One”) Mourinho. Recently it occurred to me that I could not be the only one to have noticed the resemblance, and sure enough Google uncovers this parallel life. They could have fleshed the parallels out a lot more of course. One thinks of Alcibiades switching his allegiance to Sparta and Mourinho leaving Chelsea etc. Plutarch writes the following of Alcibiades:

He had great advantages for entering public life; his noble birth, his riches, the personal courage he had shown in divers battles, and the multitude of his friends and dependents, threw open, so to say, folding-doors for his admittance. But he did not consent to let his power with the people rest on anything, rather than on his own gift of eloquence.

Mourinho also had great advantages entering “public life,”  but it is probably true that his power with the “people” rests as much on his eloquence and Selbstdarstellung as on the fact that he is arguably the greatest football manager of all time.

I wonder what in Mourinho’s makeup would correspond to Alcibiades’ devotion to Socrates. Perhaps that kind of ability to recognize true nobility is found in Mourinho’s religion: “I pray a lot. I am Catholic, I believe in God. I try to be a good man so He can have a bit of time to give me a hand when I need it.” The motive is maybe a bit ulterior…

3 thoughts on “Mourinho and Alcibiades

  1. Both are seriously non-Hollywood deluded meaning they have great connection with reality. They are and were original men and they did’t copy personalities from Legend of Zelda, videogames or Hollywood. They had their own manliness standing up with audacity. They are socializing wih bravery, audacity and that makes them intelligent and not doormats. They are both successful douches and have a lot of friends because they didn’t became douches by playing stupidities like Legend of FagLink and BitchZelda or anything that fantasy-obsessed deluded floric nerds play that have no idea about football. They are douches because it’s efficient and partical and they don’t enjoy being douches they just…are born like that. Most dumb kids try too hard to act like douches by video games becaue they are total failures in football or because they lieve in USA where they have sport for fantasy-obsessed deluded virgins that desperately need to expose their violent animal side by beating each other with the rules of jungle like Boxing and so. Those are primitive monkey sports for kids that play a lot of video games and never touched football. In football you will hear the worst swearing and the hardest complainings you will ever heard. Boxing and bullshit. Football is the manliest sport because you have to epress the real manliness since THERE is the manliness where you must defeat someone with respect and not hit him not the orangutan bahaviour in some “sports” like Boxing. Karate, boxing and other stupid disgusting stuff are for those mentally retarded humans in their monkey state that they only know how to communicate with violence and americanized unmanly stupid way of insulting.


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