On Trinity Sunday three of my confreres and I were ordained to the Priesthood by Cardinal Schönborn. Photos can be seen here.


The following is a reconstruction and translation of the words of thanks which I said on behalf of all four of us at the end of Mass:

Your Eminence, My Lord Cardinal: thank you for ordaining us to the priesthood! You are a successor of the Apostles, a successor of those men to whom the Lord said: “vos autem dixi amicos: but you I have called friends.” What a mystery! Not only did the Lord reconcile His Apostles to Himself, saving them from the slavery of sin and death and taking them up into the Divine Friendship; but He made them instruments of His salvation, sending them to bring reconciliation and salvation to all peoples, so that all men might become the friends of God. You have ordained us as priests that we might serve as instruments of that Apostolic mission; that  through us God’s voice might be heard, sins might be forgiven, and the Eternal Son’s saving Sacrifice might be made really present. We promise you ever to preserve and deepen our unity with you and the other successors of the Apostles in union with Peter – that unity which is the cause of our friendship with God. And we promise to listen to what you [plural] say, for Our Lord can say to you [again pl.] what he said to the Apostles: “he who hears you hears me.”

In this hour we wish to thank all those who have helped us to experience the friendship of God throughout our lives. We thank all the priests who gave us the sacraments; we thank our Lord Abbot for proposing us for ordination; we thank our Altabt Gregor for guiding us through the years of our formation; we thank our novice master, Abbot Christian, and our junior masters P. Prior Simeon and P. Kosmas; we thank P. Karl and all our professors; and we thank all our confreres who have given us such a powerful witness of friendship with and in the Triune God. We thank especially our parents, the six here present and the two of whom we may hope that they look down on us from above, for giving us the greatest of all gifts by raising us in the faith; we thank all our families and friends, and all who have prayed for us especially our Godparents. We thank all who helped to prepare the celebration of our Ordination: the sacristy, the guest masters, the altar servers, the schola, and all the countless others.

Let us together give thanks to almighty God, who in His unspeakable Love has given His only Son to redeem us, His slaves, that we might no longer be slaves but sons in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit in which we cry, “Abba, Father!”

10 thoughts on “Ordination

    • Ed –

      You’re not a Catholic priest … you were simply installed as a group leader for the devil’s vatican-2 heresy that was founded on 8 December 1965.

      The founding documents of your cult (the “council” documents) … have well over 200 heresies against prior defined Catholic infallible Dogma … so your sect cannot possibly be the Catholic Church.

      Also … Schonborn was not made a priest in 1970 … since *all* of the (apparent) bishops approved the mountain of heresy in the “council” documents. This caused their automatic excommunication for heresy … and immediate loss of Office as Catholic bishops.

      And … of course it follows that Schonborn was not made a bishop in 1991 … so naturally, you can’t possible be a priest.

      Sources of Dogma on automatic excommunication for heresy … Section 13.2 of > Immaculata-one.com
      Mountains of vatican-2 cult heresy … Section 12 of > Immaculata-one.com
      Catholic Jurisdiction Dogma, proving that heretics do not have jurisdiction to Ordain > Section 87

      Abjuration Dogma … for how to enter the Catholic Church … Section 19.1 of > Immaculata-one.com


      • So, Mike, your position is that the gates of Hell have prevailed, and the faith of the Successors of Peter, for whom Our Lord Himself prayed that it might not fail has in fact failed. Is that right? You had better be careful, sir, recall what Pope Boniface VIII solemnly taught: “We declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”


    • I say! Delighted to see your name show up here Adam. And great to discover your blog. I’m looking forward to renewing our acquaintance of ten years ago. (Here Sancrucensis gulps at the realization of his great age, the ever accelerating passage of time, or whatever…) Has it really been ten years? Yes, I suppose it has.


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