Father Johannes Schwarz is a Genius

I always thought that the Rev. Father Johannes Schwarz, a priest of the Archdiocese of Vaduz (Liechtenstein) and graduate of the ITI in Trumau, was a man of extraordinary talent, but just what an absolute genius he is didn’t become clear to me till he released the catechetical video series Mein Gott und Walter. Here’s the trailor:

I had just been giving a series of catechetical talks on the Unity and Trinity of God in the Vienna Oratory’s Wissen, was wir glauben course before MG&W came out, and it made me really appreciate what an extraordinary achievement it is. Catechesis is hard. It’s so difficult to strike the right balance between saying to much and too little, between the obscure and the simplistic, between too-serious and too-flipant. On all counts Father Schwarz hit the bull’s eye. A pity MG&W is only in German, but don’t despair Anglophone world! After going to the solitude of the mountains and letting his beard grow again, Father Johannes has returned to the valley and begun a new project:

…Down the road it will be introduced in other languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Polish…

Father Schwarz has an outline, where one can post suggestions, up here.

3 thoughts on “Father Johannes Schwarz is a Genius

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  2. Dear Fr. Johannes Schwarz. I am a Diocesan Priest working in Mbeya Diocese Tanzania Africa. I ask you to support me 100 altar crucifixes for Devotional puporses. The beneficiaries will be the whole community in our Parish. Thanks. Best wishes. Fr. Theobald Mwanisawa, St. Francis Xavier Parish, Somamemba F., P.O.Box 1908 Mbeya Tanzania, East Africa.


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