Fat Tuesday 2: Mozart’s Bad Taste

Sancrucensis is not the sort of blog that gets upset about a bit of fun at Carnival time, but we must say that the bad taste of W.A. Mozart’s latest effort upsets us– even if it is Fat Tuesday. Here is the young composer’s latest “hit”:

Now, Mr. Mozart entitles his piece “A Musical Joke”. News flash to Mr. Mozart: jokes are supposed to be funny. What is so funny about mocking our country’s one and only claim to faim? Isn’t it obvious that only Austrians find this kind of tasteless mocking of their own venerable culture in any way clever? What does Mr. Mozart think the effect of his piece in certain alien countries to our North will be? Our northern neighbors already mock us enough for our accent, our poets’ insufficient grasp of Grammar, and our soldiers insufficient supply of courage; are we now going to encourage them to laugh at our music as well?

Mr. Mozart is a talented composer. If he most mock someone’s music, why doesn’t he mock foreigners’ music? Sancrucensis suggests that he take the Dornrosen as his model, their Rehgehegewegepflegeschrägesäge-Song is the sort of thing that a “musical joke” ought to be:

No one can doubt that the music at which the Dornrosen are poking fun is foreign music. Judging from the fact that they break into English at about the 2:09 mark, one might be lead to conclude that they are making fun of Anglo-American “pop-music”, and to some extent this might even be true, but isn’t clear that the real butt of their joke is the carnival music of our northern neighbors in the Federal Republic of so-called, quote-unquote “Germany”? This sort of thing:

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