The Charles De Koninck Project

Just in case there are any Sancrucensis readers who don’t now this already: the Charles De Koninck Project has launched a website, on which they are planning to make all the writings of that great 20th century Thomist available in English.

I began to be formed by De Koninck before having read any of his books, as I read Aristotle and St Thomas at a college founded by his students. When I finally read his book on the Common Good the effect was intoxicating. (When my father first read this book he was waiting for a plane in the airport. It absorbed him so completely that he missed his plane, not noticing that they called his name several times). And then I read Ego Sapientiaand was even more overwhelmed.

5 thoughts on “The Charles De Koninck Project

    • I’ve only read bits and pieces of Natura Pura and The Teleological Grammar of the Moral Act, but those bits and pieces made a lot of sense. As to the main thesis of Natura Pura, I’m inclined to agree with Long, but I need to do more reading and thinking about it. What makes me hesitate is actually something that one of the people involved in the De Koninck project wrote on Natura Pura – raising some serious questions w/r/t Long, whose exposition of the key distinctions he saw as too facile.

      Speaking of Long makes me think of one of his main targets: John Milbank. I’d love to hear your thoughts on M’s latest exposition of Hobbit Socialism:

      It seems almost like a compendium of all the things that annoy you about thirdwayism, but there are some really interesting things in there as well.


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