Suggestions for a Course on the Common Good

Next year I shall be co-leading a seminar on the common good for theology students. We are trying to work out a syllabus now. The current draft starts with Charles De Koninck’s classic book on the subject, then does a quick run through intellectual history, looking at a few key texts on the question (a bit like roller-skating through the Louvre I’m afraid), and then ends with the controversy that followed the publication of De Koninck’s book. Here’s the current draft:

The highlighted names are for authors where I’m not sure what texts to pick as yet. I would be grateful for suggestions of all kinds. Perhaps Owen White could suggest some leftist texts to read, and Modestinus some authoritarian ones?

4 thoughts on “Suggestions for a Course on the Common Good

  1. Dear Father, as a layman and lawyer, I would prefer to take the course you outline rather than the other one, although admittedly perhaps much of the historical material you contemplate would be used in the other course, too. I just think your approach is better. Please give us citations to the specific works you are thinking of using for the authoritarian and Fascist section. A couple of the names are not familiar to me. Carl Schmitt’s name has two t’s however, if memory serves. Should there be some time given to Peronism, one wonders?

    At any rate, keep up all the good work.


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