The Witness of Blood

My brother Benedict sent me his translation of an article by a Muslim, Wael Farouq, strongly moved by the witness of the Christian martyrs of recent months:

Some, climbing to heaven, have left their bodies hanging from crosses; others left their hearts at their homes and have went away, they have chosen hunger, thirst, tears as their companions and have fled. All of them could have escaped these agonies, a few words would have sufficed to renounce their faith and there life would have been spared. But they were given a choice and they chose: they renounced life to choose eternity, they renounced lies to choose truth.  They have offered to all believers a witness steeped in agony testifying that a life without faith is not worth living. In an age of doubt, of uncertainty, of nihilism they have chosen to become incarnate signs of certainty. What is happening in Iraq, in Syria, in the Holly Land is not a crime with inhuman assassins as its protagonists. It is a heroic epic with tens of thousands of common people, people like you and I; tens of thousands who have chosen to abandon all their goods for the sake of spiritual freedom; tens of thousands of people like you and I who have demonstrated that the person is more powerful than power. Faced with this testimony I would like to say to the Holy Father Francis that I along with millions of Muslims pray together with him, trusting that the Good and Merciful God who loves His children will hear his prayer and will answer it. I would like to tell him that we will not be moved by those who are moved by vengeance and who prepare the ground for a great war in the name of religion.

We will not defend those who have lost their lives for their own faith by renouncing our own faith. We will not renounce our faith in peace, we will not renounce our faith in love.

I wish to tell the Holy Father that I and the millions of Muslims who have changed their profile picture on the social media sites, replacing them, in solidarity with the Christians, with the letter N, which stands for Nazarene; that I and the Muslims that went to the streets to defend with our own bodies the Coptic churches from the extremists; that I and all the learned Muslims who have condemned the acts of that gang of terrorists, renouncing them (going so far that the Saudi Mufti known for his orthodoxy called them the number one enemy of Islam) furthermore without finding any western media that would publish this our renunciation; that I and the intellectuals who have written thousands of articles in order to condemn these crimes, that I and the thousands of Sunni, Shia, Yazidi, and secular victims, that we, thank him for having given us a place in his prayers for all of the victims. (Original: Esteri)

3 thoughts on “The Witness of Blood

  1. It’s a good start. But ISLAM must be reformed. Because there are 109 violent verses in both the Quoran and the Hadith. Holy War is the operating principle. There is no question that “jihad” while many Muslims believe it is an internal struggle against sin, also means war against Jews and Christians. There is no question that war and conquest have been Islam’s historical actions and behaviors. You can preach what you want. Your actions say what you believe. ISLAM refuses to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord. Mohammed threw the Deity of Christ out the window as he did the Eucharist and the Catholic Priesthood. So he threw out everyone of our doctrines. Which are true and replaced them with falsehoods. ISLAM is still false. Mohammed was no one to follow. He was a sexually immoral man. He promoted sexual immorality. He had “wife” named Aisha that he “took” as young as 6 sexually assaulting her at age 9. These are proven facts. The Quoran is an exercise in “abrogation” where the latter verses of the Quoran, which indicate JIhad or Holy War against Christians, Jews and Infidels, supersede the former verses indicating peace. When Mohammed preached “peace” to the three Jewish tribes in Saudi Arabia in 622 A.D. the Banu-Nadir; Banu-Quaresh;Banu-Quarayza they rejected his message because they already had a religion of their own named Judaism. He “forced” his preaching on them over and over. Until they ran him out of Mecca. He went to Medina and amassed an army. He came back. The Banu-Nadir fought him until their leader was killed. Then the rest fled. The Banu-Quaresh fled. The Banu-Quarayza stayed and lost. 900 men were beheaded. The women and children taken as conquests. To become wives and conquests of Mohammed’s men to do with as they would. They were all essentially raped. After Mohammed death in 632 A.D. in Saudi Arabia his father in-law became his successor but his daughter Fatima wife named Ali though he should be successor. Thus begins the long and bloody battle for supremacy within Islam between Sunni and Shia. ISLAM moved out of Saudi Arabia, raping, killing, murdering, pillaging, subjugating all in its path. Starting with the Holy City of Alexandria, Egypt which had long been a center of Christian learning and peace. And from then on the marauding armies of Islam plagued the Middle East until they had subdued all they wanted under the Pact of Omar making Christians and Jews “dhimmi” or “slave.” There is no greater slave trade than the Arab Slave Trade and it goes on today enslaving Africans at great numbers. ISLAM is a plague on this earth. I don’t care about the peaceful majority. According to Brigitte Gabriel, a victim of Hezbollah terror in Lebanon in 1978 “the peaceful majority is irrelevant.” Because millions of people still die. There are 100 million Christians right now in the world under Islamic threat and terror. Every day 200 Christians die in Islamic countries. Every single day. This is a plague. It is every where. While I applaud this man’s efforts this religion is not true. Will continue to give the world grief and violence unless they take out all the violence in the Quoran and Hadith which require them to make violence and war on the earth.


  2. While I left the above comment I would like to comment on the words of this Muslim and analyze two statements:

    1. What is happening in Iraq and Syria and the Holy Land is not a crime with inhuman assassins as its protagonists.

    2. We will not defend those who have lost their lives for their own faith by renouncing our own faith. We will not renounce our faith in peace, we will not renounce our faith in love.

    Answer to No. 1- It is a terrible offense to say that the “murder” of Christians, Kurds, Yazidi is not a crime. It is a crime for murder is a crime. It is a crime when Muslims murder other Muslims. It is not time to be philosophical or make flowery words. Call it what it is. Be truthful. The murders are crimes. The perpetrators are criminals. They are savage dogs that need to be put down. Period.

    Answer to No. 2- You will not defend those who lost their lives by renouncing your own faith? It is your own faith garnered from your own books, The Quoran and Hadith, with their 109 violent verses, that have caused the death of 200 Christians everyday in Islamic countries worldwide, and the threat of 100 million Christians. It is the constant and consistent Interpretation by YOUR scholars and Imams everywhere in the world which causes this violence. For their interpretations within every mosque in the world tell their followers that Holy War is necessary.

    FACT: According to a Pew Poll- 80% of the mosques just in America preach violent jihad. See: Pastor John Hagee: You Tube Video titled, “ISLAM: 101”

    FACT: The world is on fire from the Middle East, to Africa to Europe with every single country experiencing murdering at the hands of Islamists who either are killing people, forcibly removing them from their homes, thieving their land and property, kidnapping their children, beheading American and British journalists, raping 1,400 children in England, violently protesting in the streets of Europe, Canada, USA and Australia, and beating up Jews and Christians while they carry the flags of HAMAS and ISIS: All in the Name of ISLAM.

    FACT: Every “Bismallah” is a call to Jihad. It is an act of domination. It says, “We rule here.”

    FACT: Every Mosque is a mini-caliphate. Every Muslim knows and obeys the order to “subdue the infidel wherever you find them” and every Mosque and Madras accomplishes that goal.

    FACT: Every Muslim is required, it is not optional, to follow Sharia Law, to follow every command in the Quoran and Hadith, to promote it in every place they live, no matter what. To do so would be unfaithful. It would be apostasy. A crime in Islam worthy of death. To Promote Islam no matter what the principle of ” TAQIYYA” is employed in Western Lands. So that a Muslim shouts “peace” and alternatively plans “war”. This is a sinister and duplicitous religion which cannot be trusted.

    FACT: Every Muslim who leaves Islam is met with a FATWA or Letter of Apostasy which commands all faithful Muslims to kill that Muslim anywhere in the world for leaving Islam. Every Muslim who does not abide by Islam can be killed by their own family according to Honor Killing Code. A teenage Muslim girl if she dresses in Western Clothing and secretly sees an non-Muslim boy can be killed and they have been killed.

    FACT: Genital Mutilation- Is a FACT for millions of Muslim girls the world over.

    FACT: Wife Beating and Domestic Abuse is an EPIDEMIC in Muslim households. Women coming to France and other European countries, women inside the USA and Canada, have told us repeatedly that wife beating is common, it is sanctioned in the Quoran and Hadith.

    FACT: Under Sharia Law a woman’s testimony in court is worth 50% of a man. If she is raped she is accused of adultery. If she cannot find 3 male Muslim witnesses to defend her she is killed. And she usually cannot find 3 male Muslim witnesses to stand up her so she is routinely killed. Great Britain has instituted a Two Tiered Juris Prudence System with Sharia Courts and it is a disaster. More women are seeking asylum from these courts in Great Britain than ever. They want their divorce cases adjudicated by Parliamentary Law not Sharia Law because they know they will get justice. When Muslim women in Great Britain go to the Sharia Court for a divorce they are always pressured to stay with their abusive husbands and “work it out.” Muslim women in Great Britain are “Kept” in abusive Muslim marriages they cannot get out of because of this Two Tiered legal system in Great Britain for which many lawyers and politicians are trying to get it extinguished with little to no success because of the insidious charge of “Islamophobia” while women and children languish in abusive marital relationships with no hope.

    Conclusion: So please tell us how your FAITH, which is the SAME as Sharia Law, will not be renounced while you purport to defend Christians? Do you actually think that Christians can believe you will defend us when you won’t even defend your own women? Do you actually think we NEED you to defend us? What would compel Christians to WANT those who subscribe to Sharia Law and 109 violent Verses in the Quoran and Hadith to defend our communities? No. Please REFORM your OWN Religion. Get rid of Sharia Law and all the violent verses in the Quoran and Hadith and STOP following Mohammed a sexually immoral and violent man. thank you.


    • Replying to above comment.
      I have Professional contacts on LinkedIn who are Muslim .
      I have good friends on Google+ who are Muslim.
      It is OUTSIDE my scope entirely to tell them how to practice. Frankly I want to report your post to the article author, I don’t see the tool to do it on here. Go away.


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