Inadequate Interpretations of Dignitatis Humanæ


The Dignitatis Humanæ Monument in Heiligenkreuz

A few years ago a huge sundial with mosaic of the Adoration of the Magi was erected in Heiligenkreuz. It is a monument to the Vatican II’s Declaration on Religious Liberty, Dignitatis Humanæ. The monument was built by a society for Christian monuments founded by the auxiliary bishop of Salzburg. They were planning to put the monument up in Vienna. The city government of Vienna pretended to be in favor, but then kept on making small bureaucratic difficulties till the society gave up. The abbot of Heiligenkreuz then said that they could put it up here, and so they did.

The treasurer of the society is editing a little book on the monument. He asked me whether I could write a piece on the relation of Dignitatis Humanæ to previous tradition. “You see,” he said, “I am a Lefebvrite.” “Wait,” I said, “you are a Lefebvrite but you are also the treasurer of a society founded by Bishop Laun that puts up monuments to religious liberty? How does that work?” “Oh,” he said, “it works fine.” So I agreed to write the piece, defending Thomas Pink’s argument for the continuity of Dignitatis Humanæ with the Tradition.

I have begun posting an English version of my piece on The Josias. The first part is about how all interpretations before Pink’s were wrong.

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