My Review of Houellebecq’s Soummision

As promised, I have now completed a review of Michel Houellebecq’s latest novel:

Michel Houellebecq’s latest novel Soumission has generated so much commentary since its publication on the day of the Charlie Hebdo murders that many readers will already know the basic outline of the plot. Seven years from now France comes under the power of a Muslim party, and a quiet process of Islamization sets in. Politicians and journalists who know only the outline have assumed that Houellebecq’s story is islamophobic, but careful readers of the book have agreed with his own protestations that this is not at all the case… Read the rest on Ethika Politika

2 thoughts on “My Review of Houellebecq’s Soummision

  1. Robert Rediger is a fascinating literary creation, a brilliant and cautionary tale for those with mere political enthusiasm for Catholic integralism.

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  2. An interesting work, and your description of it seems to summarize it quite well, but after all would you not agree that the protagonist’s perception of Christianity is flawed? Christianity is a Divine Religion (not a feminine one), and thus it is that both Men and Women find in the Church the highest and noblest Masculinity and Femininity respectively; that they find in a word, true Humanity.
    There is no place for this Humanity in Islam, and the West may soon very well fall to that power, for we also have forsaken Humanity.


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