Gerard Kilroy’s Book on Saint Edmund Campion

Edmund Campion

Fr John Hunwicke of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, and of the blog Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment, is surely one of the most witty and learned bloggers in the whole ‘blogisterium’— I quite agree with Elliot Milco’s judgement. Moreover, I had the great pleasure of meeting Fr Hunwicke in person at the Roman Forum in Lake Garda in the summer, and found him quite as brilliant in person as he is through the medium of the blog.

It is good that Fr Hunwicke’s eminence precludes envy, or I might have felt a twinge of it at the way in which he got a copy of Gerard Kilroy’s expensive new book on S. Edmund Campion. In a post on some entirely different matter, Fr Hunwicke asked whether anyone would like to give him the book as a gift, and a few days later he was able to write his thanks for having received a copy. Envy in such circumstances would be as ridiculous as Kitty’s envy at Lydia’s being invited to got to Brighton in Pride and Prejudice:

….the luckless Kitty … repined at her fate in terms as unreasonable as her accent was peevish. “I cannot see why Mrs. Forster should not ask me as well as Lydia,” said she, “Though I am not her particular friend. I have just as much right to be asked as she has, and more too, for I am two years older.”

I can see perfectly well why I should not be given Kilroy’s book as well as Fr Hunwicke, even though S. Edmund Campion is  my patron saint, for I am not such an excellent blogger (whatever certain persons may think) as he. So I will not presume to ask my readers for any such gift (though I will point out that the expensive Kilroy book is currently at the top of my wish list).

Update: Some gentle relations of mine, who also read my blog, have sent me the book. Grateful blessings.

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