After the bells go silent on Holy Thursday the crotalus is used to replace the hand-bells in Church. In many parts of Austria there is also a replacement for the church bells: groups of children go through the town with ratchets (Ratschen) or noisemakers when it is time to pray the Angelus. Here are some photos and video of Ratschen this morning in Trumau.


3 thoughts on “Ratschen

  1. Which came first, the crotalus or the gragger? 🙂 My first visit to your blog and you give me this surprising new information. Thank you! So that means the same ratchet was used in church today and also in synagogues (Friday was Shushan Purim in Jerusalem)! But we use the gragger to “blot out the name of Haman” whenever his name is read in the scroll of Esther.
    Holy day greetings to you from the Holy Land.

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