The Great Concavity

Matt Bucher and Dave Laird invited me to be a guest on the latest episode of their David Foster Wallace podcast, The Great Concavity. We had a thought provoking conversation, and a lot of fun. (I also make some dumb mistakes, eg. at the beginning when I am talking about the Cistercian order and put our founding in the wrong century). I got to discuss the dissertation that I have been writing about Wallace and moral theology, which will hopefully be done soon, and to hear a summary of Dave’s master’s thesis on Christian soteriology in Infinite Jest. 

I have blogged a little about Wallace in the past; here are some of my posts:

4 thoughts on “The Great Concavity

  1. The fact is his work is dependable for an analysis of ideas, attitudes, things that out of laziness we might have come to thinks as extra-literary, though they do belong, they pertain. An organic type of art.


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