After a year as curate in the parishes of Trumau and Pfaffstätten I have returned to Heiligenkreuz to assume the duties of Vizedirektor of the Überdiözesanes Priesterseminar Leopoldinum.

The Leopoldinum is the place where diocesan seminarians who study theology at the Hochschule in Heiligenkreuz live. It was originally established by Bishop Rudolf Graber of Regensburg (author of Athanasius and the Church of Our Time), as part of an institute for the renewal of priestly formation known as the Opus Summi Sacerdotis. After Bishop Graber’s death it was called Collegium Rudolphinum. It remained under the care of the bishop of Regensburg, but also accepted ever more seminarians from other dioceses. But in 2007 the then bishop of Regensburg decided to bring all of his seminarians to Regensburg, and to end involvement in the Rudolphinum. At that point it was decided to turn it into an inter-diocesan seminary, and to rename it the Leopoldinum, after St. Leopold III, Margrave of Austria. Today it is under the immediate care of the abbot of Heiligenkreuz, and is supervised by a permanent commission of the Austrian Bishops’ Conference—the three members of the commission are the Archbishop of Vienna, and the Bishops of Graz and Sankt Pölten.

There are currently 35 candidates for the priesthood living in the Leopoldinum. The Direktor is Martin Leitner, a diocesan priest and alumnus of the Hochschule in Heiligenkreuz. As Vizedirektor I will be “supporting the Direktor in his work,” as the statutes put it. If my readers would say a prayer for me as I begin this new officium I would be most grateful.

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