Links R & C 2


Peter Kwasniewski, Candlelight Missa Cantata at Wyoming Catholic College for the Seven Sorrows of Our LadyNew Liturgical Movement. I have often thought that the general introduction of electric light into churches was not good for the liturgy— Kwasniewski’s reflection show why.


Martin Kettle, Brexit was a revolt against liberalism. We’ve entered a new political eraThe Guardian. «Liberalism is a Hydra-headed and extremely resilient creature.»


James Chastek, The order of act and potencyJust Thomism, «Taking matter as logically prior to act is the foundation of all materialism, mechanism, the Analytic doctrine of “possible worlds”, and most other forms of primitive thought


Steven Long, The Common GoodThomistic Institute on Soundcloud. Excellent lecture on the deep teleological account of the common good.


Andrew Cusack, Norway’s New Passport. «The Scandos are known for being among the few peoples who can do modernism well.»

idem, The Spina di Borgo. Mourning the loss of the old approach to St. Peter’s.

Frater Urban Hannon, O.Praem. et al., Against GenderFirst Things Podcast. Frater Urban recalls the argument he made against the idea of sexual orientation when his name was still Michael Hannon, and also offers some reflections on the nature of canons regular, and on the Christian life.

There is a new browser called Brave by the fellow who got sacked at Mozilla for being against homosexual pseudogamy.

Some American scholars and writers, including Rusty Reno of First Things, endorse the American Caligula. May he appoint all their horses to the senate.


2010: Aelianus, The Servile ArtsLaodicea. A post deliciously dismissive of the most prestigious disciplines in contemporary culture.

2010: Harald Bergbauer, Conservatism in Germany, The University Bookman. Informative article on Caspar von Schrenck-Notzing, including this jewel of a Schrenck-Notzing quote: “Washington and Lenin are much more figures of the present Germany than Bismarck or Frederick the Great.”

2007: Arturo Vasquez, On the Church and Language Or: On Pizza, Beer, Machine Guns, Transliterated Greek Words, Argentine Sedevacantism, Taxi Cabs and Other Attractions of My Theological Freak Showthe Sarabite. Arturo at his most Arturo-ish.


(I’ve decided to add a section for posts from my own archives, which it would seem slightly hubristic to include under “classic”).

2010: Kingsley on Lectures.



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