Links R & C 3


John Zmirak, Tradinistas: Angry, Churchy Millennials Who Scorn Freedom and Demand a Guaranteed Income for BreathingThe Stream. Zmirak is always good for a laugh.

Elliot Milco, Some Comments on “Gender Essentialism”The Paraphasic. «…the social features of the sexes are an expression (in some way natural) of the underlying material differences between their bodies.»

Jane Zwart, Only Connect: An Interview with Zadie SmithBooks and Culture. «And the closest I ever came to being a formal Christian was The Screwtape Letters, which actually David Foster Wallace recommended to me. I found it convincing. I think he found it convincing, too.»

Gregory DiPippo, Videos of the Consecration of St Elias ChurchNew Liturgical Movement. I’ve never actually been to St. Elias Church, but I once spent a month in Ukraine with Fr. Galadza, and have heard about it often since, so that it has taken on a special place in my heart. The consecration liturgy is glorious.

Dom Mark Kirby, O.S.B., The seventh degree of humilityVultus Christi. «One cannot abide in the presence of the Host without being drawn into Its silence and hiddenness. It is a terrible thing, this Eucharistic humility of God. The Most Holy Eucharist is the Sacrament of the Divine Humility. Those who partake of It worthily enter into the humility of God, for one cannot eat the Bread of the Humble and remain proud.»

Rev. Johannes M. Schwarz, Building the “Hermit’s Hot Hog” – Rocket Stove Plans meet the Vortex DesignVimeo. Fr. Johannes, my predecessor as Vizedirektor of the Leopoldinum and the world’s coolest man, now a hermit in the Italian Alps, builds an oven for his hermitage.


2004: Gassalasca Jape, S.J., The Situation is Very Good, it is HopelessThe New Pantagruel. Ah, The New Pantagruel, vanished beau idéal of the webzine.

2012: Daniel Nichols, UnfoldingCaelum et Terra. There used to be good conversations in the comboxes of C&T.


2010: Jerome K. Jerome and S. Bernard on Sleep.

2012: What is Heard About Nature and the Trajectory of Certain Thomists.

2012: Father Johannes Schwarz is a Genius.



3 thoughts on “Links R & C 3

  1. I recall when I had Zmirak for my sophomore writing class. Between the awkward personal stories and the rants about everything and anything, I learned absolutely nothing about good writing.

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