Hiking With the Studium Generale

The ITI in Trumau and the Phil.-theol.- Hochschule Benedikt XVI. in Heiligenkreuz recently began a one-year liberal arts program known as the Studium GeneraleIt has two tracks: an all English track, and a German-English track. The program is in its infancy, but I think it has a lot of potential. The University system in the German-speaking world (and throughout continental Europe) lacks the Anglo-American distinction between undergraduate and graduate studies, and students take a highly specialized program from the start of their studies. Perhaps in future the Studium Generale will develop into a liberal arts college along the lines of my alma mater, thus reviving something of the traditions of the medieval universities.

My confrère P. Kosmas, who is responsible for Heiligenkreuz’s contribution to the Studium Generale, organized a weekend in the Southern Austrian province of Styria for the Studium Generale students, and he invited me to come a long, and give a talk to the students. We drove out on Friday evening to Wasserbergschloss that belongs to Stift Heiligenkreuz, and I gave my talk (on freedom). We spent the night in Wasserberg, and on Saturday we took a beautiful hike in the mountains nearby.

One thought on “Hiking With the Studium Generale

  1. One small addendum though—with the abolishment of the Magister system in the last 5 or so years, at least in Germany, *technically* an undergrad/postgrad distinction exists. I still think it’s a ways off from the original idea of liberal arts as the traditional place for the undergrad, etc., but there has been a slow change.

    That said the lack of liberal arts schools in the continent (even the UK?) boggles me. Glad to see this development!


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