Links R & C 6


HHG, 15 Ways to be a More Effective Pro-Life AdvocateThe Josias. 

Peter Leithart, Shadow Work, First Things (blog). «Illich thinks feminists are right to complain that women are discriminated against in shadow work. They do more of it, and they are paid nothing. What they miss, Illich argues, is that this sort of economic activity is not the product of residual patriarchy, or of traditional gendered work. It’s the opposite…»

Joseph Koczera, S.J., The new St. EliasThe City and the World.

Subsannabit, Cf. 1110a. An amusing new troll appears on the internet, and cites Aristotle to troll me.


2013: Adam Kelly, The Map and the Territory: Infinite Boston. «…when it comes to emotionally affecting passages of philosophically inspired prose, Wallace has few equals in literary history. It is difficult for me to read, even silently, those closing sentiments – “It is tragic and sad and chaotic and lovely. All life is the same…” – without being moved both intellectually and emotionally, without having my head throb heartlike, as Wallace suggested to his editor Michael Pietsch he wanted to achieve with Infinite Jest

2011: Richard Whittall, On SoundtracksThe Run of Play. «…during the lead up to Phil Neville’s decisive game-winning penalty against Chelsea last weekend, Zadok the Priest came up on my iTunes player. Handel’s expectant arpeggios accompanied Neville’s nervous placing of the ball, and finally, after he scored and had just walked up to the crowd, the choir entered on a double forte just as Neville stuck out his arms to Everton’s supporters. Writing about it does it no justice. It was magical.»


2010: Per Evangelica Dicta.




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