Links R & C 7


Stomachosus, Catholics and the Ethics of VotingThe Josias. Some helpful distinctions to be made in the moral evaluation of voting.

Subsannabit, On The Sunset of the Pregnant Mule. A scoffer scoffs at the foregoing.

Nathaniel Gotcher, Urbanism and the Common GoodThe Josias. «The modern polis is fractured… Is it any wonder our politics are just as fractured?»

Michael Gilleland, The Most Miserable of All CreaturesLaudator Temporis Acti. «For truly there is nothing, I think, more miserable than man among all things that breathe and move on earth.» — Homer

Rev. John Hunwicke, LundFr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment. «I am always happiest when I have been proved right. This is why I am so happy most of the time.»

A promising conference will be taking place in Poland in April: Towards a Biblical Thomism.


2014: Alan Jacobs, a word to those on the journeymore than 95 theses.  «Either throughout your history or at some significant point in your history you let your views on a massively important issue be shaped largely by what was acceptable in the cultural circles within which you hoped to be welcome. How do you plan to keep that from happening again?» (via Rod Dreher, A Question For ‘Affirming’ ChurchesThe American Conservative).

2007: Tom Howard, Ashes to Ashes: ‘She Knows Who I Am.’ Crisis. «Whatever one may make of all of that, I found myself brought to a halt by a remark made by the old geezer whose job is (solely, I think) to hoist the royal standard at the top of the great tower when the queen takes up residence. Since there are more than 300 servants at Windsor, obviously the sovereign can’t know each one personally. But this man, with apparent joy, finished with the remark, “But she knows who I am.”»


2010: The Analogy of the Spiritual Sense of Scripture to Natural Signs.



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