John Milbank on Liberalism and Transgenderism

John Milbank has an interesting essay in The Catholic Herald about liberalism and transgenderism. Here’s a snip:

And there is, naturally, money to be made out of all this. Husbands, wives, children and adolescents (this last an invention of the market) are more effective and exploitable consumers when they are isolated. Fluctuating identities and fluid preferences, including as to sexual orientation, consume still more, more often and more variously in terms of products and services. The fact that the market also continues to promote the nuclear family as the norm is not here to the point – of course it will make money from both the “normal” and the “deviant” and still more from their dispute. Ultimately, profits will accrue from reducing the heterosexual norm to the status of just another “lifestyle choice”.

One thought on “John Milbank on Liberalism and Transgenderism

  1. It would seem that this is but another instantiation of what Peter Berger would call the culture of “dignity” vs that of honor, as I mentioned in the comment I made on the Tradinista post. To be an exploitable consumer is the end game of being an “authentic individual,” because when bereft of the communal and natural sources of identity, that which is the most cunning replacement for nature will dominate. Case in point – the denial of gender by those for whom the all pervasive free market of lifestyles and omnipresent adversarial relationship with the suburban nuclear family* provide enough of an identifying counterpoint to create the authenticity necessary for full membership in Englightenment humanity. No doubt those of us wallowing in heteronormativity, let alone fecundity, are merely “sheeple” of some sort of borg colony of collectivists.

    *I in no way am endorsing the suburban pattern of development – it is contrary to proper order.

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