Brilliant Article on Right and Rights

Over at The Josias, Pedro José Izquierdo has a brilliant article on right and rights and law. It clarified a lot of things for me by showing how different senses of “right” and “rights” are related, and how they all derive from the basic sense of right as the  object of justice, the object owed to another.


2 thoughts on “Brilliant Article on Right and Rights

  1. Pater,

    Are you familar with the work of Brian Tierney? Regarding the origin of natural rights he takes a Whiggish view and sees modern human rights as being a great legacy of Christendom. What do you think of his thesis?


    • I’ve read a little Tierny. I think that Izquierdo shows very well that while the modern conception of “human rights” analogically derived from the fundamental meaning of ius as the object of justice (and thus, pace MacIntyre, “rights” are not creatures of fable like pegasus and the phoenix), the modern fixation on that analogical derivation is counter productive.

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