Sancrucensis in the Catholic Herald and First Things

The cover story of this week’s Catholic Herald is something that I wrote on Angela Merkel and Pope Francis (but more the former). I briefly refer to the  influence of Jacques Maritain on post-war, European, Christian democracy. For a fuller account of the shift in Catholic politics that Maritain and others helped bring about I recommend a paper by Tom Pink, and Alan Fimister’s book.

I also have a book-review in the current issue of First Things of A.W. Jones’s brilliant Before Church and State. I mean to write more on Jones in future— right now I am working on something on his interpretation of St. Thomas’s account of law in the Summa.


2 thoughts on “Sancrucensis in the Catholic Herald and First Things

  1. Is it true that Adam and Eve before the fall were in perfect harmony with God, perfect in their human nature, so that, if they had died , they would have immediately ascended to heaven? Were Adam and Eve, before the fall, a prototype for Mary, being sustained and protected from original sin?


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