Happiness and the Common Good

Today I gave a lecture at the ITI in Trumau on happiness and the common good. It was a version of the talk that I gave in March at Notre Dame.

2 thoughts on “Happiness and the Common Good

  1. Father Edmund,

    I don’t know whether you’ve ever seen “Hail, Caesar!” but this scene is arguably the most Catholic scene in cinema history. In this scene, the George Clooney character (in the Roman centurion outfit) plays an actor in a Ben Hur-like film about Christ. He was held for ransom by some Communists who blackmailed and cajoled him, which is why he’s spouting off Marxist insults against Mr. Schenk, the studio owner.

    The Josh Brolin character (the man with the moustache) is a devout Catholic charged with covering up scandals for the studio.

    In this scene, I argue that Mr. Schenk serves as a stand-in for God. “The picture” (the movie they’re making) stands in for the common good, in which everyone has a role, from the actor to the script girl to the guy who claps the slate. The movie studio is like the Mystical Body of Christ, with many members. When the Brolin character threatens to have the Clooney character “thrown in jail for colluding in your own abduction,” what is that but Hell, where we’re punished for our willful collusion with Satan.

    “You’re going to do it because the picture has worth, and you have worth if you serve the picture!” The picture=Christ, the Ikon/Imago/Logos/Son of God, the focus of the actual picture (=movie) they’re making. Again, the most Catholic scene in movie history. Or so I submit.

    God bless,

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