Bona Matrimonii: A Moral Theologian’s Valentine

Red is the rose, green is the tree.
The married state of goods has three.

Roses are red, violets are blue.
Of goods the first is to be true.
The man who dares betray his wife,
Will have no share of Heaven’s life.

Roses are good, so are children,
Twelve, fourteen, or: a million.
Contraceptors this good deny,
In hellish flame those sinners fry.

Roses are red (it’s by design),
Of goods the third: a sacred sign.
A sacrament of Christ’s good love
Like the dewfall from … above.

Roses are red, I won’t conceal
The religious life is more real.
But better now (that’s the concern)
To get married than hot to burn.


2 thoughts on “Bona Matrimonii: A Moral Theologian’s Valentine

  1. Dear Father!
    Is this Poem “still” in conformity with our faith? (has it ever been?)
    Do sinners go to hell? Then who will get salvation? 🙂
    Is religious life more real? Really?
    If the answer is yes to these questions, then, OK, let’s call it “Moral theology”. If no, please dissipate my doubts!
    Sisterly yours,


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