Fideliter Intellegens in Ottobeuren

I just back from the “fideliter intellegens” conference at Ottobeuren Abbey in Bavaria. Ottobeuren was once an unmediatized imperial abbey, ruling over a semi-independent principality. It is absolutely enormous. Makes my own abbey look a doll house in comparison. Fideliter intellegens in a conference for German Catholic doctoral students from various disciplines.


3 thoughts on “Fideliter Intellegens in Ottobeuren

    • “Unmediatized” mean that there is no intermediary between an authority and the empire. That is, the abbey was a semi-independent state, with no temporal superior except the emperor himself. By contrast, my abbey, Heiligenkreuz, was mediatized, since it was under the Archduke of Lower Austria. (Even if the Archduke of Austria was usually the same person as the emperor, he had aspects of jurisdiction which the emperor did not).


  1. Well okay. Before leaving Holland I went to visit Liege which was a bishopric which I suppose is something like being unmdediatized. At the time of the French Revolution there was an uprising and the Cathedral was burnt down. You could blame this on evil modern Jacobins, but I think it is also useful to consider the disadvantages of certain systems of power. Not everything medieval is equally holy. Throughout the 19th and 20th century Liege became a red city in reaction perhaps to the heavy-handed semi-theocratic structures of past times.
    Concordats and their medieval analogues have always been a tricky business. (Cfr. what the Church is trying to do now in China.).


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