Recommended Posts

The following is an an occasionally updated list of recommended posts from the blog (and a few of my posts from other sites), organized more or less according to the scholastic division of the sciences. Some posts that deal with more than one part of the division are linked more than once.

1 The Trivium

2 The Quadrivium

3 Poetics, Aesthetics, and the Fine Arts

3.1 Literature

3.2 Music and Drama

3.3 Architecture, Painting, and Sculpture

3.4 The Beautiful Game

4 History

4.1 The Genealogy of Modernity

4.2 Sunt Lacrymae Rerum

4.3 In Memoriam

5 Practical Philosophy

5.1 Ethics

5.2 Domestics

5.3 Politics

6 Speculative Philosophy

6.1 Philosophy of Nature

6.2 Metaphysics

7 Sacred Theology

7.1 Sermons

 7.2 The Sacred Page

7.3 Fundamentaltheologie

7.4 The Mystery of God

7.5 Moral Theology and Spirituality

7.6 Soteriology, Sacraments, and the Liturgy

7.7 Ecclesiology and Catholic Social Teaching

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