Fat Tuesday 2: Mozart’s Bad Taste

Sancrucensis is not the sort of blog that gets upset about a bit of fun at Carnival time, but we must say that the bad taste of W.A. Mozart’s latest effort upsets us– even if it is Fat Tuesday. Here is the young composer’s latest “hit”:

Now, Mr. Mozart entitles his piece “A Musical Joke”. News flash to Mr. Mozart: Continue reading

On Jokes and the Difference between Austria and Prussia

I think that the carnival is an irrational institution, and that St Philip Neri was entirely right to try to abolish it. The irrationality is mostly limited to February, but in German-speaking parts it “officially” begins on the 11th of November. This is because of the confusion of the “little” pre-Advent carnival with the “big” pre-Lent carnival to form one giant “carnival Season”. Various rationalizations have been attempted for the carnival. What interests me about them is that they fall into basically two types, which correspond to the two accounts of the nature of jokes that I referred to in my last post as the Prussian and the Austrian view. Continue reading