Links R & C 5


A new edition of Franzelin’s On Divine Tradition!

Tertullian on the Duty of Praying for the EmperorThe Josias. An excerpt from Tertullian’s Apology, with an introduction by me.

Ursula Kals, Katholik zu vermietenFrankfurter Allgemeine. Superficially a funny column, but deeply sad on consideration. Invents the brilliant new word Karaoke-Katholiken.

P.J. Smith, John Podesta’s Catholic connectionsSemiduplex. As Kojève would say, the Catholic Church is difficult to co-opt.

Addie Mena, Leaked emails show Clinton’s team should read a catechism, CNA Blog. The Catholic Church is also apparently difficult to understand— at least for American progressives.

Andrew Sullivan, I Used to Be a Human BeingNew York Magazine. «I felt a trace of a freedom all humans used to know and that our culture seems intent, pell-mell, on forgetting.»

Aelianus, Emperor and PopeLaodicea. «…to see the Emperor’s son and heir Otto von Habsburg kneeling before St John Paul II at his father’s beatification knowing that the Pope’s father was a fiercely loyal soldier in the service of Emperor Karl and that Karol Wojtyla was named after the last Emperor.»

The Tradinista Collective, The magisterial sources of the Tradinista! manifesto: part ITradinista!. It’s nice to a Catholic political project cite Unam Sanctam and Regnans in excelsis in defense of its position.

Eric Voegelin, On Classical StudiesThe Imaginative Conservative. 


2009: Andrew Cusack, The Continued Decline & Fall of the International Herald Tribune. I used to read the IHT in the library of the Franciscan University of Steubenville Austria Program in Gaming as a child. Cusack’s piece was a fitting lament on its demise.

2013: James Chastek, Do I want a Christian culture? «Taboos are the human law at its most powerful – they are the most perfect and powerful tool for what St. Thomas calls the power of law to lead to virtue. Mere statutory laws bridle behavior; taboos actually restructure thought and form the will.»

2006: boeciana, Historical Method For BeginnersLaodicea. «But our perspective is, of course, irrelevant.»


2014: Tarnishing the Splendor of Truth.


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